Sunday, July 25, 2010

Orlando Florida Terrazzo Polishing

I want to take another minute to let everyone know that we have been polishing terrazzo floor in Orlando for quite some time...I just never added it to our, there you go, we do it, if you need any more info, go to our web site for terrazzo...until then, if you need any other floors cleaned, call me! 407-850-5996

Orlando Floor Waxing-refinishing floors at St Thomas School in St Cloud!

At Thomas School in St Cloud has contracted with us, and we are beginning our job tomorrow morning! Thanks to Maura Cox, Principal, and the Catholic Diocese of Orlando for their confidence! We are excited and looking forward to providing them with the same great service we always provide!

Friday, June 18, 2010

UCP of Central Florida-making a difference...

We have been working for UCP of Central Florida for nearly 3 years now...what a wonderful bunch of caring people! What a joy to see the lives of disadvantaged children being improved on a daily basis...the relentless efforts of Ilene Wilkins and her staff of wonderful people are making a HUGE difference in this otherwise confused world...everyday! Have a child with special needs? Give them a call at 407-852-3300...thanks Ilene and staff for doing what you really don't have to...and making a difference!


We still have a voice in this country...want to stop BP and make them stand up and take notice? QUIT buying their products...we really don't understand the long term effects yet...we only see what the media wants us to...the chairman of BP said he wants to get on with his do the innocent wildlife and the fishermen and their you believe the gall of this idiot? Making this announcement from his multi-billion dollar ivory tower...get ready-the next thing that is going to happen is BP's multi billion dollar bankruptcy that you and I are going to pay for-believe it-we'll believe anything the way, did you know BP was a MAJOR contributor to Obama's campaign? Amazing-I personally have been in more trouble than this for a lot less...anyway, don't buy their has been pumped and paid for by not only animal, but human life as well...remember the workers who died on that rig...this disaster has unfortunately overshadowed the fact that people lost people they loved-BP should HUGELY reward the survivors of these deceased for their lack of safety and quality control-also, by the way, QUIT DUMPING CHEMICALS INTO THE GREAT LAKES! Our government spent too much of OUR money cleaning it up-for you to mess it up again...

Orlando Florida Floor Waxing-Quickly becoming the BEST in Orlando!

Announcing the partnership of Orlando Florida Floor Waxing and Rugby cleaning-teaming up and delivering the utmost in cleaning and floor services at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Orlando! By the way, Rugby has our utmost endorsement-if you want good professional cleaning services with no drama, give Daryl Carpenter a call 407-580-6817...a great cleaning experience second to none!
We are adding new equipment weekly to our arsenal! Our automated systems are second to none in Orlando...with this equipment, we are able to provide incredible results for your investment...
Special thanks to Hope Charter school in Winter Garden-we just finished their floors, and will be maintaining them ongoing-what great people to deal with-Mr. Cole, Mrs. Yocum, and Jarret-GREAT people to work for, and by the way, a GREAT school for your children to attend if you are located in the area...wishing all of our fathers a happy fathers day this week-take the time to say thank you to is good, if we want it to at someone today!
Call me if you need anything! 407-850-5996

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Orlando Florida Floor Waxing Blog

Hi! Welcome to Orlando Florida Floor Waxing! I realize that there are many options out there when you want your floors cleaned in the Orlando area...the purpose of this site is to help those who need an honest opinion on what to do...put our over 30 years combined experience to work for you today! We are not just a service company, but also a helpful resource that can save you quite a bit of money...Simply respond to this blog, send me an e mail: , or call me at 407-850-5996-I'll be glad to help you...welcome to a NEW way of doing business...